Steering wheel too heavy? Steering assist system, which is widely used at present

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A car by the 5 digit parts, so we in the car tend to ignore automobile steering system, as one of the five major systems of automobile, in everyday driving plays a very important role, so it is necessary for us to go to find out our car's steering system.

At present our country using the most common power steering system: mechanical steering system, mechanical hydraulic power steering system and electric hydraulic power steering system and electric power steering system (currently most sedan has started to be used four.

Mechanical steering system

The oldest the original old-fashioned steering system, by the steering control mechanism, steering gear, steering mechanism, steering gear general gear rack type steering gear worm and crank pins means steering device, a circulating ball type steering gear three.

In simple terms the mechanical steering system structure is very good understanding, is pure human driving all kinds of mechanical structure of the combination, the human amplification, change to steps to manipulate the tire through the rotation and the characteristics of this system is clear: simple structure, strong reliability, but quite laborious, and stability, accuracy, safety cannot be guaranteed. Nowadays, most of the application in the low-end mini van.

Mechanical hydraulic power steering system

General machinery hydraulic power steering system consists of steering pump, high pressure pipe, pressure flow control valve, belt, oil tank and other components. But whether or not you turn, this system is working, in turn the engine power into the oil pressure to achieve power steering.

Mechanical hydraulic power steering system will loss the engine a certain power at low speed turn will feel the steering wheel is relatively heavy, if you are in place to play the steering wheel you will find the engine idling will improve. But the mechanical hydraulic power steering system with high precision, clear road sense and reliable technology.

Electronic hydraulic power steering system

Steering electronic hydraulic power system actually mechanical hydraulic steering system upgrade version, due to the mechanical loss of engine power, so God the steering pump change for motor drive, the whole system probably consists of a steering oil pump, the high-pressure oil pipe, the pressure and flow control valve body, a storage tank, speed sensors, steering ECU is composed of.

Electronic hydraulic booster to achieve steering efforts to regulate, electronic hydraulic power inherited the mechanical hydraulic power most of the advantages of, can achieve low light high speed and stable steering characteristics, but due to the addition of many electronic unit, stability, and as mechanical hydraulic power reliable.


Electric power steering system is currently using more extensive set of power system, the whole system will not appear of oil pipeline, and so on, the overall through the formation of an electronic control unit (ECU), speed sensor, torque sensor, motor, save the engine nacelle position is occupied, the structure is more simple.

Motor direct driving and steering mechanism, can provide only limited assistance efforts, hard to use in large vehicles; and more electronic parts, system stability and reliability than mechanical components, a sense of the way information is scarce, actual driving control of the fun is greatly reduced, and the cost is higher, and so on, these are weakness of electric power steering system.

Steering system daily maintenance and maintenance

For the steering system, the need to pay attention to the maintenance of the place is not much.

1, the use of hydraulic power need to pay attention to the direction of oil storage tank can not be missing, once the oil spill must be repaired immediately, the direction of oil must be replaced regularly.

2, in the daily use of them as far as possible to avoid the direction of death, so easy to cause high pressure on the pipeline, you can after the appropriate back to the.

3, for the electronic power system, the need to use special equipment to detect.


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