Electric power assisted steering system for future vehicle

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EPS why popular?

EPS is a kind of power steering system which directly depends on the motor to provide auxiliary torque, which is mainly composed of torque sensor, vehicle speed sensor, motor, speed reducer and electronic control unit (ECU). By comparing with HPS (Power Steering Hydraulic) of hydraulic power steering system, Fu Pengjiu introduced the main advantages of EPS in detail:

1, only when the steering motor to provide power, can significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The hydraulic power steering system is driven by the engine to the oil pump, no matter whether it is or not to consume the engine. The EPS is only in the direction of the motor to provide power, do not turn when the energy consumption. Compared with the hydraulic power steering system test showed that: when not to turn, the electric power steering can reduce fuel consumption by 2.5%; when the steering can be reduced by 5.5%.

2, steering power can be adjusted through the intelligent, to take into account the low speed when the steering portability and high speed of the steering stability, back to a good performance.

Hydraulic power steering system to provide the steering power can not be changed with the increase in speed, and the power of the EPS can be adjusted by the intelligent program. Low speed, EPS can provide larger power steering, steering portability; with the increase of speed, power steering can be decreased, the steering steering force will gradually increase, so the driver feel obvious "road feeling and enhance the stability of the vehicle.

In addition, EPS can also impose some additional back is torque or damping moment, the low speed steering wheel to return to the middle position accurately, but also can inhibit the high-speed back is in the process of turning disk oscillation and overshoot, both high vehicle, low speed back to the positive performance.

3, to achieve accurate, timely, intelligent control.

The direction of the development of the car is electric, intelligent interconnection, EPS can signal transmission between the relevant systems and the whole car through the electrical signal, so as to achieve accurate, timely and intelligent control.

4, modular design, small size, cost savings.

EPS no hydraulic steering pump, cylinder, hydraulic lines and other components, and the motor and reducer can and steering column, steering gear made of a whole, so that the whole steering system is compact, light quality. By setting the program, it is easy to match with different models, which can shorten the cycle of production and development, and effectively reduce the cost.

EPS to achieve lightweight, fuel economy, fuel economy, safety and reliability, comfort, intelligent interconnect has brought a positive contribution, is the car companies eager to upgrade alternative technology." Fu Pengjiu said, NSK as the world's leading supplier of EPS, is in close cooperation with China's major independent brand car enterprises, not only to provide a comprehensive product line, but also to provide system solutions.

The Beijing auto show, NSK exhibition theme is "Huidong, wisdom, wisdom", embodies the NSK on the car of the future. The main exhibits not only has many advantages, such as safety, comfort and energy saving, but also can meet the needs of future technology for small, lightweight, reliable products. Products of EPS mainly show the compact car level pinion type EPS, compact car with using the second generation pipe column type EPS, compact class SUV pipe column type EPS, large SUV pipe column type EPS products. Fu Pengjiu to "meet the automotive functional safety international standard (iso26262) of column type EPS are emphatically introduced. The product through to build a standardized business process development, implementation of the standardization of functional safety inspection and testing, can completely meet the requirement of increasing automotive functional safety. At the same time the exhibits in the ECU miniaturization, the sensor has also been strengthened.

Focus on the future of EPS Technology

EPS is core of automotive safety systems, as sub system, we consider the correlated with more electronic control unit, at present in Europe and America, Japan, some automobile enterprise do control concept and the control module design. We want NSK to provide customers not only the implementation of the link, but will provide customers with intelligent, Internet services. Of course, we also discuss the implementation of the relevant functional modules with customers."


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